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HELP!!! We have an 8 yr old lab and a 3 yr old cat, and a real problem with fleas! In all the years we have had pets; (all our married life!) we have NEVER had a flea problem. Suddenly, this past month, we have an infestation! We have used foggers twice...what a job cleaning house up after those! and, we now are using Frontline on both pets, in addition to using a flea shampoo every week!. I also comb them with a flea comb and am still getting fleas from them! What can we do to rid our home of these awful pests? I am just sick of the whole mess! I must add, we have no carpets in our home anywhere, and I have even burned some rugs we had on the wood floors...nothing seems to help. I hope someone can tell me of something we can do to rid our home of this infestation....please??? I will be waiting and praying for please, won't you pop in with some helpful hints before pack up and move out? Just kidding...
God bless!
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