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Re: Organizing family and career

I know how you feel, I work 40+ hours a week outside the home, too... I have two boys 10 and 13, a (new relationship) S.O., and three cats... It can be tough...

My boys help out a lot... I created a chore list and they are paying a small allowance (5 bucks a week) for having their chores done by the time we (the SO and I) get home from work each evening-6-6:30pm.

My eldest does the dishes, the youngest takes out the garbage and straightens up the couches. They are each responsible for their jackets, shoes, book bags, etc...

The DSO and I trade off cooking each night, and we do the heavy cleaning together on the weekends...

It seems to work ok. During the week, the house isn't spotless, but it's fairly tidy...

Jeanne in PA
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