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Question Dog Scratching

Hi Mulberry 204, I am sorry but I wanted to reply to your posting about the error about your diabetes. I am also I diabetic I was diaignosed in April and my my sugars have been perfect since then. I lost 25lbs since May. But, anyway I told my husband I also thought that the doctor was wrong but I asked him. So if I were you I would have the doctor write a letter and you should submit it to your insurance coverage. There is no reason that should stay on your record. Health Insurance these days are just to expensive to have an error on it. I also have a dog that is scratching to I am hoping it is just alergies. My dog was diagonosed with a parasite 3 weeks ago and I am hoping that it is gone. The vet told me it can take months to get rid of I hope that he was being cautious. Let me know what happens. Thanks
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