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As long as the water can be at least an inch over the tops of the jars, you can use any large pot with a snug lid for a water bath canner. Just put a dish cloth or towel in the bottom so the jars are cushioned. I did that for years before getting a water bath canner. My old pot didn't hold very many jars at a time, but I started out just doing jam in little jars, so it didn't used to be a big deal. Now I'm happy to have a big water bath canner, though.

Now I also have a pressure canner, and I love it for some things but not others. (Still learning, I guess.) Barbara is right that it depends on what you are canning which canner to get. Some things are only safe to do in a pressure canner.

I've also found a lot of good recipes on many states' county extension websites, which are affiliated with a major state university. They also update the safe home canning guidelines regularly, so you can be sure you're up to date. And if you garden, all the gardening info is right there, too.
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