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So...most vets are apparently in it for the money, and not for the pet's benefit.
In defense of Veterinarians out there I must say that Good Quality veterinarian care is not cheap. I would not question the guy who is charging the most, I would worry about the one who isn't!
The money you spend at your vets office goes toward paying the salary for that receptionist who answers the phone a thousand times a day with compassion. It pays for that licensed vet tech who answers all your questions (no matter how ridiculous they are) with a smile on her face. It pays the salary for that vet who gets up in the middle of the night to care for your sick or injured pet. It pays to send those same people to continuing education courses so that you can have the best care available. It pays for the electricity to run that x-ray machine when your pet is injured. And the list goes on.
If you are not receiving the best care for your money then find another vet! But don't blame high prescription drug prices on Veterinarians.
Many of the so called "Internet Stores" can afford to sell there products so cheap because they buy in bulk quantities. Many products sold over the internet are not purchased from manufacturers in the USA and are not always approved by the FDA. Some are not packaged and/or stored properly. Some are even bought and sold on the black market. When you purchase a product from your vet you know how it is stored and that it is FDA approved.
Now before you bad mouth Veterinarians for charging too much for there services think about this....

When your pet gets sick in the middle of the night or is hit by a car is that internet guy gonna be there for you?
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