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Originally posted by Leigh33ca on 03-04-2002 07:16 PM


Okay count me in too!

My names Leigh and I would like to loose about 35-40 pounds. I weighed in today at 156 lb (plus its getting close to that time of month). I would even settle to be at 130.

Setting my first goal at getting to 149 lb. Haven't seen that for 2 years and would like to get down again.

Exercising: well with the kids its hard, they are 4 and 3. So that's my exercise keeping up with them. Seriously, I try and get out for a walk and have been trying to do the Everday Workout with Cynthia on TV. Forgot today but will do it again tomorrow. But I count the house work and up and down the stairs everyday!

So who's next?
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