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Thumbs up Best Children's Birthday Party!

I was searching the web for party ideas for my daughter’s 7th birthday. Call me old-fashioned but I did not want to partake in the “Keep up with the Jones’” type of party held at some expensive arena. But I am not Martha Stewart either! That’s how I found this site called [Edited by Assistant Administrator for spam. Please do not advertise companies in this manner. Any further posting like this will result in being banned from If you have any questions, please contact ajrsmom. ] They put together the whole party for me! I didn’t even have to pick up invitations; they came with the party box. I bought the Make Up party. I had 11 seven year old girls in my house and you would never have known it! The girls had a ball! They were so busy creating their makeup and then applying it on each other that they were too occupied to get out of hand. By having the activities planned, it kept the party flowing smoothly, chaos was controlled and I was able to participate and interact with all the kids. I wasn’t stressed out and running around like a chicken without a head. My son is turning 5 in June and I am already planning to purchase the pirate party they sell! As a mother of 4 children and many birthdays, I’m telling you this was the best thing I ever did! We had so much fun, clean up was easy, and the price was right! I can't recommend this enough!
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