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1 potatoe 2 potatoe 3 :))

Heres you another Potatoe recipe. I make it from scratch Meaning I don't measure. So heres what I do.

I peel and dice potatoes (2 per person I'm feeding)
I cover with water in a large pot.
Next I dice a onion, a stalk of celery (you can use dried onions and celery flakes) I put them in the pot.

I let them simmer til tender. Then I drain part of the water off and add 2 cans of evaporated milk. and a dab of butter.

Next I take plain flour had some salt and pepper to it i. Then with a fork I stir enough water in the flour to make rub up's, I drop small rub up's (I thank up north you call them rivils) I let simmer in the potato soup till done don't take long,

Hope you in joy:P

This be Tree
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