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chuckle Planning on coming home...again...

My name is Myra and in 4 weeks, I'll be a stay-at-home mother once again. Back in 1996, although we were in incredible debt and having more debts than income, we made a decision and felt strongly that I should be at home to take care of our 3 1/2 year old. We had the usual bills, credit cards and department store cards, amongst other things. We even had a brand new Geo Tracker which we were "upside down" in what we owe and decided to sadly voluntarily repossess it. We also moved from our 3 bedroom rental to a 2 bedroom duplex. We barely "got by" on our faith and financial help from our church and then in 1998 we added (adopted) a new addition to our home, my biological neice. We started to homeschool both children at that time until a few months later, things were so bad money-wise, I had to go back to work for a few months. I was at home since then and even managed to move back to our 3 bedroom home (the same one even!) and find 2 cars that were quite affordable (one was a gift from MIL) and we've been very blessed. However, we still were very undisciplined about our finances.

Then Christmas of 2000 came my DH broke his ankle and it's been a rough ride once again. I finally broke down and went back to work back in October 2001 and we still have those darn medical bills (although we only have 1 credit card debt). With all this excitement in our lives we were also had been infertile for over 9 years. In June 2001, we decided to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Well, hard work (hee hee) and all that money paid off! I'm 5 months PG with our 2nd!!

To make a longer story short, I've been working temporarily for a CPA and on April 15th, it's my last day. My whole story why I'm here is...I want this to be the last time I EVER have to work outside the home again. What are some things you could suggest to me to save all-around? Here's a list of things I'm working on (food-wise):

1. Building a food storage center using wholesome and inexpensive foods (most will be bulk).

2. Menu Planning...need help with sticking to the list.

I really need suggestions in other areas too, as I've been really praying I could be the "MOM" I feel I need to be to my children and in order to do this, I feel I need to be at home with them.

Thanks for listening to my story...I'm off to do more research on the other boards.

Myra + Baby