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Hello everyone, my name is Linda. I am 55, married 35 years this coming April, have 2 grown children, 1 of each, and 4 wonderful grandchildren, 2 of each. I work about 50 hours a week managing a small title company of 7 ppl. The fortunate thing about my job is my best friend of 20 years works there as does my daughter and my daughter in law. I am getting to the age where I long to cut my hours back drastically so I can stay at home and play with the grandkids, dogs, puter and get back to working on crafts. We bred miniature schnauzers of which I have 3, the mother, the father, and a son from their first litter that I just couldn't let go of. All of the others my husband has made me sell. We also have 2 outside dogs and 8 outside cats. The outside cats come inside when the hubby isn't around. LOL In my spare time my favorite hobby is taking pictures and going to Ren Faires. I also enjoy camping but I have fms so that limits my time in the tent now a days. That also limits my time on the motorcycle which I dearly enjoy, too. As I said in my other post where I explained how I picked my name, I am new to this (going into forums) so if I have chatted on too much, I apologize. I look forward to meeting you all.