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Hi.If you've missed my intro in SAHM, this is me:
I'm a 27 yr old sahm with a soon to be 4 yr old dd .
Dh works in construction, we have a whole pile of critters
beagleXbasset duke, 2 hamsters, betty and veronica, 1 rex rabbit hopscotch ( I call it pyscho lol), 4 red ear racer turtles hex, aphrodite, franklin, speedy ( the last 2 we given to us from the local musem last week) gus an eastern paint turtle and a wild one out back who likes to stick around for the free food . I can't remember how many fish, id sharks, tetras, bala sharks, pleco's, and 2 green Iguanna's, iggy and shinobi.
Until 2 months ago I watched other kids at home with dd but gave that up after 3 years of doing so, dh and I are considering foster children but have to do more thinking on that one.
Like the other posts I have read in this thread frugality is important to us, with dh construction work as seasonal kinda and me staying home.
I live in Eastern Canada. I don't know what else to say, Can't wait to meet you all
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