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Low 40's,wow I wish.We have had a blizzard today,almost 3 feet of snow fell and is still falling.

Yes Happy6 I have gotten used to the cold,sometimes it can get to -50 here,that's when this girl hibernates until at least spring.

Maryann,I put all my Christmas cookies into tin containers,put wax paper or saran wrap between each layer and freeze,they seem to stay really fresh that way.

Tomorrow I am making more Haystacks,so my daughters tell me.And making chocolate fudge and peanut brittle,which I love.And I think that will be all for baking for me until Christmas day when I do my pumpkin pies.

Hubbys rash is no better,I wouldn't say it is a rash,it is in spots on his whole body,they did a skin graft but still can't tell him what it is,wish we had doctor's here that care about their patients.

Found out I have a cyst in my left eye,and nothing they can do for it until the swelling and infection go,can't wait to see what tomorrow brings,lol.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week
smiles & hugs
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