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KMMYO is right about Big Lots being the best price for jars. Don't ever buy them at the grocery store, they are all way high. You would want the pint size jars for salsa.

If you have a county extension service office, they have a great canning book with recipes. Also, Ball's "Blue Book" is a good one. Use your favorite recipe for salsa and follow the guidelines for canning. You woulld just need a water bath canner for tomatoe products, which aren't too expensive. When you can green beans, you're supposed to use a pressure canner, which are very expensive, at least $100.00. I never looked, but I bet you could buy one over the internet for a lot less. Mine is an antique, given to me by my grandmother. In fact, lucky me, all of my equipment and most of my jars have all been passed down to me from various family members.

I rely on Sur Jel for all my jams and jellies. When I was a young girl, my grandma showed me how to make jelly without it, but the one time I tried to that way, my grape jelly turned out like rock candy. I had to throw away all the jars because I couldn't get the jelly out!!
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