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Canning is expensive to get started, just buying the jars. However, sometimes you can find them at garage sales, or maybe and elderly neighbor, no longer able to can will give you hers. We have a large garden, so in the long run it saves me money. But more important, the food is SO much better than store-bought. If you ever have home-canned green beans, you'll be ruined for life from using store bought, regardless of brand name. I can green beans, tomatoes, pickled okra, various pickles and make and can my own salsa, spaghetti sauce. I freeze corn, purple hull peas, butter beans and various varieties of each. If you don't have a garden, you'll still save money. Farmer's Markets are great or community gardens. Sometimes I think it's even more frugal if you figure in fertilizer, pesticides, or have to pay for your water. I also make my own jams and jellies, which I think is expensive by the time I buy sure-jell at about $2.00 a batch, let alone the cost of sugar. I only use what is free to me: grapes, muscadines, peaches, blackberries and apples (although I don't care all that much for apple jelly. I make my own labels and give them as gifts also. If you give away canned stuff, insist on the return of jars - or no more give aways.
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