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Pinkie Winky Canning

I have been canning for over 10 years and do so not so much to save money but to control the flavor of produce and fruits, and to guarantee that there are no artificial preservatives and/or chemicals that I cannot even pronounce.

Now, if I am given a huge bag of something like rhubarb, hot peppers or tomatoes from a friend, then it saves tons of money. I grow my own tomatoes, cukes, peppers, pickles, and quite a number of culinary herbs. I put up jams, jellies, preserves, conserves, sauces, etc. every year. I have a great supermarket across the street from where I live and when cherries are in season, I call their produce manager and get a great cost on a case rather than buying cherries per pound.

I also use the jars of what I put up as Christmas and hostess gifts every year so there too it saves me lots of money on presents.

Anyone who wants to learn how to can is invited to join a discussion group I co-moderate....Creative Canning Cuisine at Yahoo Groups: subscribe: [email protected]

Newbies and experienced canners are always welcome. We discuss the current USDA methods of canning.

Love and hugs,
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