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Amanda, your trip to the grocery sounded really productive! Good for you.

When I come home from the grocery store with hamburger, I do not freeze it right away. Instead, I put two or three pounds in a dutch oven along with chopped onion and fry it up while I am putting groceries away. (Yes, I chop the onions ahead of the time I head for the grocery store and put into a clean, empty ready to spread frosting container). If I have purchased 5 lbs. or more of hamburger, I will do this in two dutch ovens.

By the time I am done with putting away the groceries, the meat/onion mixture is about done. Drain in a colander. Cool. Package in freezer containers and label before freezing.

This system gives me a leg up on beginning any recipe calling for browned hamburger and onions. I only have to grab a bag from the freezer, defrost slightly in the microwave and skip those steps in whatever recipe I am making.

And best of all, I am cleaning up one mess, and not the same mess every time I need the hamburger and onion combo.
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