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mrssch, I also have to shop for a large family 6 kids, 2 adults. My monthly budget is 350.00. I have a few rules, only buy meats if they are 2.00 dollars a pound or less, go to our local warehouse store(Costco) only once a month and the grocery store only once a week. I go once a month and shop at Costco there I get eggs(in bulk) tortillas (enough for the month, I freeze them), flour, sugar(both in bulk and only when I run out), any meats (under $2 a lb.), cheese in bulk (it freezes well) and a few other items. Then I like to go to Win-co, I don't know if you have one, it's great. There I buy all the canned foods for the week plus one so I have back up and never run out. I check out the sale papers on Wedneday for any meats on sale and go get those. I also could not do without our local day old bread store, bread also freezes well. I plan my menus weekly depending on the sales and I don't buy convienience foods or junk food. I hope this helps.
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