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millerp....I probably should have clarified that when I finally got my grocery bill down to $250.00 a month I had a well stocked pantry. I spent a few weeks getting my pantry stocked , gradually decreasing the amount of food I needed to buy and thus now I only have to spend $250.00 a month, to keep it stocked and keep my family fed.

Does this make sense? I mean if you have nothing stock piled in your freezer and cupboards it will probably be difficult to stay under $250.00 unless your crew will eat beans, rice and potatoes all the time.....mine won't.

I buy ALL my meat on sale and keep my freezer stocked and rotated.

We eat alot of beef (dh hates chicken) but the kids and I eat chicken quite often.

Some of the things my crew likes the best are:

sloppy joes
tacos or taco salad
chicken fingers or nuggets
grilled cheese sandwiches with soup
homemade pizza
anything grilled outside (if weather permits)
BBQ sandwiches
hot pockets (homemade)
pancakes (even for supper)
chili and chili dogs

I still buy convenience foods...I have a teenager who is very picky! I try to only buy convenience foods (ie...pre packaged junk) when it's on sale and I have a coupon. My kids LOVE Hamburger Helper (go figure) but when I work late it's a life saver cause they can fix it themselves. So I stock up on it when it goes on sale and I almost always have a coupon for it.

I am teaching my teen to make his own hamburger helper and he enjoys that. They love homemade bread and goodies. I always keep plenty of flour on hand. Hot pockets are easy to make and I can freeze them for later use.

My guys think roast beef is boring so.....I like to cook a roast in the crock pot and then shred it. I split it in half and I make BBQ sandwiches with half and I mix tomatoes and chilis and seasonings with the other half and make chimichangas. Nothing boring here!

There are times when I am just too exhausted to cook or no one is really hungry.... doesn't happen much, and we just have sandwiches. Peanut Butter goes a long way in this house!

I'm not a chef and not by any means a great nutritionist but my family is well fed and healthy and I just don't run through the store randomly tossing things in my cart and coming home and saying "what are we going to eat now"? I use to do that!

I hope this helps and maybe answers some of your questions.

I should add also that my kids both buy school lunches so my grocery bill does not include lunch for them. Both my husband and I take meals from home (usually leftovers) for our lunches. I only cook breakfast on Sunday mornings. Through the week its cereal or toast for breakfast. I only have one who drinks a lot of milk and they all eat alot of cheese. I make unsweet tea and I do buy soda pop for dh and the kids.

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