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frugal shopping

Don't forget to check the meat department for reduced meats! My favorite grocery store where I live in NC is Winn Dixie. They put absolutely lovely meats out daily that are drastically reduced. If you take them home and freeze them immediately, they will stay good as long as any other meats. We have had the good fortune of being there twice when they have reduced their huge family packs of chicken breasts to .29/pound!! You can bet we stocked up as many as we could since we have a large freezer. (BTW, if you don't own a freezer, you should really invest in one. The savings on reduced items will help pay for it). We check every grocery store we go to for reduced items, but especially chicken and ground beef. We went to our local Lowes Foods once for ground chuck on sale for $1.19/pound and found some in identical packages reduced to .89/pound. Guess which ones we bought! LOL I'm not saying buy randomly, ALWAYS check for discoloration or smell. Then take it home, freeze it and count your savings.
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