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my favourite frugal thing is finding free stuff. I live in the country and the are fruit trees dotted around on the road sides and usually the owners dont mind if I pick some for bottling or jamming. My mum just gave me some plums (so I made jam and will freeze a few) and some blackcurrants (so I made some blackcurrant syrup for over the winter- rich in vit C for colds etc)Mum has made heaps of jam so I'll swap her some of the apricot jam I made for some of her blackcurrant. I had to pay for the apricots but they were pretty cheap at $1.79 a kilo ( thats just over 2 pounds for you guys). My dad taught me never to turn down anything thats free cos if I dont have a use for it someone I know might. Needless to say we are both kind of "packrats"but I am learning to "declutter" as Im also a "messy" I love crafting and recycling materials eg scrap fabric into dolly clothes or quilts, anything really.
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