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Hi Karen -

How about a comparison chart of all those exercise machines you see on TV - from the ab machines to the Bowflex to the sit-and-crunch to the thigh machine that Suzanne Somers flogs?

Hints for holidays - keeping up the routine despite all the "stuff" that we have to do; eating right during holidays (you don't have to be an "expert" to give some common-sense tips - I'll be glad to help you with that part, if you wish).

What to do for sore muscles after exercise - or how to prevent them! (I've become an enthusiast of the hot shower after exercise - even works for those with fibromyalgia)

A motivator / reward chart - set a motivator, and check off the number of days exercise before you can have it (ex: 1 week of daily exercise = get 1 book at the used book shop; food cannot be a motivator!)

A one-week exercise chart that lists all the exercises in your e-book with check boxes across to check off which exercises you do each day or to write in the number of each exercise you do each day. The buyer can print a new one each week and track how much she is doing.

Weight loss chart

Measurement loss chart (upper arm, waist, upper abs, lower abs, buttocks, upper thigh, skirt/slack/blouse/dress size, etc)

Affirmation flipchart - print, cut out, bind with little rings, flip a new affirmation each day

List of "good" snacks (apples, airpopped popcorn (no butter), carrots, celery, salads, non-fat yogurt, etc)

Hope one of these helps!

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