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We have been doing our decorations this way since our Big Kids were little. We found that they were confused if the whole house was "instantly Christmas" weeks before the actual day! By decorating little by little, it would help them anticipate the holiday, when ALL the decorations were done. It is a tradition in Polish families (not sure about other nationalities) that the youngest child gets to place Baby Jesus in the manger scene either before bed on Christmas Eve or first thing in the morning. This year I bought Luke one of those Playmobil Nativity Sets. I will keep that on a low table so he can play with it all he wants, arrange the pieces, etc. That will come out on the first Sunday of Advent. Margaret, my mom, great-aunt and now my sister have those ceramic sets. My sister got my grandmother's set. They were handmade by another family member and are beautiful! Our set is just a cheesy (but breakable) one from Sears. It was what we could afford, the first year we were married. In some ways I'd like to get a more beautiful one, but I always think that it was our first set, and we honor the holy day no matter what the set actually looks like.
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