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Re: Any college moms here?

Originally posted by PrairieRose
I would love to hear from other college moms and your experience with paying for and surviving college costs. We have 2 kids that will graduate on May 10 & 11th (graduate from college that is) and another student in college. It's really hard to live AND to pay for college for more than one kid. Anyone else been here and done this?
Yes, there is life after college tuition! I have one DS who has gone and one DD that has one year to go and another yet who says she isn't sure. But, there are many ways to get aid. You should start with scholarships and grants, they are a priority. Then there are many new types of loans and the repayment is great, honestly. My daughter is out this year due to my husband being ill, but they are working with her about her repayments, etc. I am totally impressed with it all. I myself was in college, yeah at the age of 45 and had to drop out due to a tragedy in my family, but I am able to work out the problems and will probably go back and complete it. I really want to.
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