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We use our dehydrator a lot. In fact, I just stopped putting it away. We make jerky, even fish jerky. We dry peppers, scallions, mushrooms, herbs, hot peppers and my favorite is tomatoes. We have a rack in the grocery store, we endearingly refer to as the "rotten vegetable rack"...the ones they discount because they're too ripe. We buy the tomatoes for drying from that rack. (we also get avocados that melt in your mouth and instantly make guacamole). The tomatoes are wonderful for cooking and the kids even love to snack on them. Sometimes I put them in the mashed potatoes. If I make instant, I put them in as I boil the water and then just mix the flakes right's great! I highly recommend a dehydrator. I haven't done any fruit yet, but I am thinking it would be neat to do strawberries for cereal or for oatmeal.
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