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Hi. It was spring cleanup in our town this week and I was up for some major hunting! However Sunday, the day everyone was to put there stuff out, we ahd major thunderstorms, lightning, trees down, ect. si I couldn't go. By the time it cleared up, my husband was gone ( I don't drive) and it was getting dark when he got back, I was so dissapointed. I thought I'd be able to post with some awesome fdinds. On the way to the grocery store, the next day, a few blocks ahead of the garbage truck, My husband spotted something he wanted, He makes me go out and get it! A lawn roller, that was missing a handle and a little rusty. I found at the same place, a small metal wash tub. I thought it was fine except for a dented bottom, but it has a seam rip, but I will still use it for a planter outside or something. My DH has already painted and found a handle for the roller, and he is pleased. So I guesse all was not lost, but it wasn't near what I had hoped for. Oh well, I'm going to a church rummage sale this morning, maybe I'll be lucky there.
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