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Sue Ann, there are lots of wonderful recipe sites on the web. Here are a few:

You can search by type of recipe (ex: pasta) or by ingredient on these sites.

As to the cost, you don't have to do it all at once. Sweeping changes can be difficult for family members so it can be more effective to change things little by little. We used to eat meat portions that were way to large. I started cutting down the portion size by degrees. Now DH and DD are used to much smaller servings. I usually serve a fruit and a veggie or two veggies and they can have seconds of those if they wish.

As to getting DD to try new things, the rule at our house is you have to try it. You don't have to finish something if you hate it but often DD will try something and decide she likes it. DD doesn't like many raw veggies. But she'll eat most of them cooked. Just experiment. Your son may like things in a different form. I also use fruits and veggies interchangeably. If I'm serving a veggie that DD doesn't like, it's no problem to cut up an apple for her to have instead.

Good luck with your quest for healthier eating. Remember to take baby steps with this. And I find it useful not to tell them it's healthy etc. Most of the time, they don't notice if I don't tell them.
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