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Lightbulb healthy/frugal eating

Homemade Fruit-on-the-Bottom Fat Free yogurts:
Instead of buying yogurt cups, I buy the large FF plain yogurt. I also bought a box of the "throw away" Glad containers, in the cup shape. I put a spoonful of whatever jelly/jam on the bottom and then fill with yogurt. Takes only a minute to do 6 cups for breakfast all week. Take granola or cereal in a baggie as a topping, if desired. I bet you could also use cocoa or pudding mixes for flavoring, but I haven't tried it yet.

Bananas are usually cheap. We keep bunches on the counter and grab for a quick snack. Bags of apples or carrots (uncut) aren't too bad either.

Bake your favorite cookie/cake recipe, but substitute applesauce for the oil/shortening or egg. This cuts out a good deal of the fat, doesn't add calories, and tastes great. Since you've made it yourself, it is cheaper than buying a box of goodies.

I make flavored teas from garden herbs. Tea is so good for you. A great substitute for coffee or soda. Like the yogurt, you can make a bunch up in advance and have it handy. If you don't have a garden, buy herbs in bluk - it is cheaper than either those tiny grocery store bottles or boxed flavored teas.

If there is a discount grocer or dented can store, check there for weight loss products. Our local dented can store occasionally has bulk lots of weight loss "meal bars". Something like 6/$1 individual!! (Not only cheaper, but you can choose several varieties.) Our grocery store carries similar bars for more like 6/$5 box.
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