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One thing I have found helpful in trying too eat healthy but frugal, is too see how far I can stretch a pound of meat. First off I never use ground beef if I can subsitute ground turkey. My Walmnart supercenter sells 1lb turkey chubs plain or sausage for $.77, great deal. I even have my family eating turkey burgers! It is always so much cheaper that way, and if you start out putting it in sauces and such, they won't even notice the difference.
Another thing is too think what will stretch it further. The other day, I was going too feed my family tuna fish sandwhiches. But then I thought it takes me 3 cans of tuna too feed everyone sandwiches. So instead I only used 2 cans of tuna and mixed it with 1 lb of pasta a bag of frozen vegetables and a low fat white sauce and some spices. I got a substansil healthy meal and leftovers for the next day that way. Tuna is inexpensive, but every little bit helps. And I always try too add extra vegetables too everything I make.
Just some ideas, have fun!
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