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Thankyou Maryann and everyone here.It is like my heart has started to heal being able to talk about Nicole.She was such a beautiful little girl,the warmest smile,the biggest hugs.I know she is smiling down on me and laughing everytime I bake anything,she loved to bake with me,and we would have flour everywhere,my kitchen looked like it was hit with a snowstorm.We would sit on the floor laughing until the tears started streaming down our cheeks and then we would laugh some more at how funny we looked covered in flour.I like to think she was happy here,that this was a place where she could be herself,no doctor's,no hospitals,no pain.Just being a little girl for even just a little while.Thank you for listening to me.

Patty I hope you are doing better.We care and love you.We are here.
Live With Courage...Love With Faith...Laugh With Hope...
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