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I was so angry when Nicole died,how could God take her from us,she had her whole life ahead of her,I am not suppose to outlive my granddaughter.I honestly don't know if I will ever understand why it happened.I wanted to scream how unfair it all was.My heart broke that day and it is still in pieces,Nicole was my heart,my first grandchild,I loved her so much.And I think of her every minute of everyday.She loved school,she loved her family and her friends.She could always make me smile,I miss her hugs,I miss hearing I love you from her,I tell her everyday I love her and I miss her so much.
I know Nicole is happy,she is with God and he is holding her close.She is smiling and no longer in pain.And I know one day I will be with her.
Sorry again for going on.
Live With Courage...Love With Faith...Laugh With Hope...
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