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Wedding Gift

I had attended my cousin's wedding afew years ago. I was so unsure as to what to get them, so I decided that I would try to come up with something special. I went to a craft store (ie; joanne fabric,michael's,ac moore) and purchased and unfinished serving tray. Brought it to a glass store and had them cut a piece of glass to fit. Then hand painted a florial border in the tray. Took their wedding invatation and placed it into the center of the tray and placed the glass on top. She really enjoyed this.

Another on that I had done for another cousin, was purchased a nice frame. Again brought it to a glass store and had them cut me a piece of mirror that would fit into the frame. Taking a measurement of the invatation and transfering it onto the back of the mirror. (wherever you want it to appear on the front) Purchased some gel stripper and a scrub pad. Put stripper on w/ bruch w/in your outline and let sit for 10 min or so. Then take the scrub pad and lightly remove the stripper in a circular motion. This will remove the reflective surface from the mirror. Tape the invatation to the back put into frame and your done. Unless you want to paint on the mirror side around the invatation. Hope this helps.
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