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New to canning arena

I'm like a babe in the woods to the canning arena so it is a little overwhelming with all of the information.

I have been researching about canning and more imparticular the canning of homemade spaghetti sauce.

I make a large batch of it at least once a year to be put away into the deep freezer; well this year we decided to take advantage of the large pantry we have and use the space. Makes sense to me.

So I started to wonder what is it that I need to do in order for this process. I've been reading in many areas that Ball mason jars are the best to use - no problem there and I know where I can get a good deal on them.

Where I'm getting confused is on two things. One with the canning process that I need to go through in order to properly assure the product is safe. Number two concern is the sauce amount of ingredients that I use. I keep seeing everyone giving all of these recipes for an amount of using garden tomatoes and things of that nature but what about the canned tomatoes?

I make my own sauce using this, that, and the other; don't measure anything less I have to. But my question here is, wouldn't the canned tomatoes work just as well and if so, how would you do the conversion of grown tomatoes in a recipe to canned when you there any recipes that use them? Hope that makes sense.

So many questions and I'm sure I'll come up with a few others after I'm done with this email post.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!
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