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Hi all,
I'm a Grandma of 7 and almost step-Grandma of 1. We lost our oldest grandson when he was 2 days old in 1999 and I think of him all the time, especially when I talk to or about his mom(my dd#2) or his brothers. I have an angel pin to remember him by. My other grandkids are listed in my signature but here they are:
Autumn-10; Triston-5; Gabrielle-4; Braxton-2; Chevy-7mths and Chandler-1mth.
I love to talk to other grandma's.
We have my two oldest granddaughters, along with their parents(my dd#1 and her husband) living with us. We rarely see the other grandkids even though Chevy is only 20minutes away-the boys are 2 hours away; I hope to see the boys next week since it's the middle ones 3rd birthday on the 10th. Oh yeah, my almost step-granddaughter is my grandsons almost sister-they and their mom live with their mom's boyfriend and his dd (my youngest and newest grandson is dd#2 and her boyfriends son). Looking forward to this thread being very active.
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