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I so agree. We used to play tag and other running games and we lived to tell about it. We used to play Red Rover on the ice skating rink. Talk about some bruising!
Too many people sue for the smallest thing, this is probably why the schools banned these games. But, where is putting the responsibilty on the students and parents. No one wants to take responsiblity for anything anymore. "I dropped hot coffee in my lap while driving"...sue McDonalds. " My child is fat"...sue the fast food industry. Sad affairs of the world. How can we teach our children to own up for what he/she does or doesn't do. My son is 22, and that is how he was raised, if he didn't get a good grade and he didn't do the work, he had no one else to blame but himself. I too wish children could be children. I feel sorry for them, they do not get to play like we did in the 50's and 60's. Everything has to be structed for them. Hopefully we can turn the tide on this and let them have a little fun!

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