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Sammi, actually, yes, there is only one school in our area that has a swingset! No, swings, the only one that has a swingset anymore is the mennonite schools!

Bilby, Oh, I loved Red Rover!! I don't even think any of the kids here play that any longer!!

I also remember when I was in elementary school, we had a short 10-15 min recess in the morning before lunch, time to play after eating lunch that was a 1/2 hr lunch period. And than a 10-15 min recess in the afternoon.

My kids, only had a little bit of recess after eating their lunch, that is a 20 min period!!
I know that DD1 and DS both had had an afternoon recess, and when this was taken from them, most of the parents raised a stink. And we were told, that the recess was taking too much time from school work. We were told that it was taking the children too long to settle down after having recess, and it was just too much valuable time being taken from school work!!

Uh, hello!!! How much time are they now spending telling them to calm down??

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