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Food Storage

I have been keeping a mini store in my home for years. A friend got me started after seeing what she called her "Mormon Closet". She would buy things she saw that could be used as gifts by her children when they went to a friend's birthday party. Her children were allowed to shop from the closet. She had crayons, $10 toys, etc. plus birthday cards. All of which she bought on sale. I have found that my biggest problem with food storage is trying to keep track of rotation... When should things be used by and where did I put them. We live in a smallish house and there is NO extra storage. I have stuff in closets under the clothes or off to the side of my youngest's closet--he doesn't have much to hang. I keep 3 list (which is difficult) List 1 is what I have stored--with location and date of expiration. List 2 is date of expiration--with location. List 3 is what is in each box. About once a year I have to check List 3 against what I really have.
By keeping List 1, I know what I am short on when it is on sale. List 2 lets me use it on time. Good luck. It takes time, but saves lots of trips to town (20 miles one way for me).
A couple of winters ago, I had to work during a snowstorm and couldn't get home. When I was able to come home I called and asked what the family needed from the store--"Tortillas". It pays off.
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