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Honestly, we read all these articles about the obesity problem with our children but now the schools are no longer allowing children to actually run and play on the playgrounds. They serve them what amounts to "fast food" during meal times but do not allow the children to burn off these calories at recess. Children need to run, jump, climb - necessary activities to develop their large motor skills and burn off all that energy. Teachers complain about children not paying attention in class and acting up but what should they expect when children are not allowed to run and play during the day. Children do fall down, skin knees, bump heads, that is a natural part of childhood. And as for playing tag, dodgeball, red rover etc., that teaches cooperation as well as gives exercise. Of course playgrounds should be supervised. And if children are playing unnecessarily aggressively, then a teacher or playground supervisor should step in, but let kids be kids!!! Let them run and play do all those kid things! We parents, I am sure had our share of skinned knees and bumped heads and played many a game of kickball or tag and yet here we are. What exactly ARE kids allowed to do on the playground if not run and play? Will they take away swingsets next because someone could walk in front of one and get bumped? Law suits - puhlease!! Perhaps there should be guidelines regarding the law suit arena and those that are unnecessarily silly be dismissed and not waste the tax payers dollars!
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