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Do you ever get obsessed with saving money at the grocery store?

I was just wondering to you ever get like this? I do I have a well stocked pantry and a freezer and kitchen. But i always feel that i have to go out every weekend and search for good deals. I get the sales papers every week and i ponder on what i want instead of what i need. I have 10.00 set aside every week for stock items only. This week well we had mac n cheese 4/1.00 i got 12 boxes ( the kraft good kind) 3.00 i then took the the other 7.00 and got reduced beef steaks, stew beef and sausages. And i really did not need it i just wanted it because it was a GOOD DEAL. And if i cant find a good sale on food items i will hit the pharmacy around here and get discounted soap and shampoo and hairsray, I have enough in my bathroom to last a year just in health and beauty aids. Toleit paper well i have got at last count 144 rolls. I am stock to the gills, my family just laugh at me UNTIL i start pointing out prices. And then they are amazed My spare bedroom looks like a mini-walmart and all of the stuff was bought for alway next to nothing. Meat is the same way I can't tell you the last time that i paid full price for it. We eat a good variety of meat pork beef and chicken fish. The only thing i really pay full price for is luncheon meat and that is something i will never go cheap on. Bread i will go to the outlet store. I just need to know who also does this kind of thing. I can actually tell you how much i have i keep a inventory of everything that i have. And if i am low and low to me is having 1 1/2 packages of something i start search for it because i dont want to pay full price for it. And i have a veggie night also at my house and i will try to squeze 2 on them if i can. And i pack lunches,.My family calls me extreme and tightwad and i just laugh but they always want my advice and they will call me on the phone and want to know if it is a good price or not.
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