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Stocking up & a couple of ideas

I stock up too! I have an entire shelving unit I built in the garage to take the place of my "pantry" (I ran out of room). I keep a price book for common purchases and keep it updated. It includes size and how much per ounce or pound the store's normal prices are. That way if something goes on sale at another store I can tell if it really is a good price. Something else I track is how often those items go on sale. Some items go on sale regularly others less often so I stock a little less of the items that are commonly on sale. We are lucky - in my town there are 3 grocery stores on the same side of the street, one on each block for 3 blocks right in a row.

Every week I get the sale ads, my price book and my coupons out. I cut out every coupon that I come across. With sales and rebates the name brands are sometimes cheaper than the generic. And if I don't use them - they just go in the recycle bin!

As for buying to much? Well, I'm not sure if that is possible. What I do with some things I buy - deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc. is purposely buy to much. Rite Aid - a chain in the NW - has a rebate program. I get the monthly rebate list then at some point during that month it goes on sale. I use a coupon, buy it on sale and get my rebate. Often times the rebate is full sale purchase price. I typically pay 50 cents for brand name deodorant and toothpastes or even free. I take the excess to the Veteran's Hospital in Seattle and they give them out to homeless veteran's. When cans of vegies are on sale for 4 for $1 I stock up and donate to the food programs. Same with school supplies. I'll buy at Costco and then fill a couple of backpacks according to a school supply list that a local group and the schools put together. They supply the backpacks, you fill them, give them back and they get given to families that qualify because they can't afford to purchase the supplies themselves. It's fun, I'm doing something to help and when I find things like 70 sheet spiral bound notebooks at 10 cents a piece I stock up!!

My husband used to say that I stock to much. But he loves the fact that he never has to run to the store for something that we don't have while I am cooking :p He has come to realize that me stocking up and constantly watching for deals is the reason we are getting out of debt, own our house and he finally got to get a little 14 foot fishing boat with trailer. We couldn't afford the $2000 without trailer he was planning on. That would have made it $2500. So I found a fixer upper for $500 with trailer and the fixing up only cost us $275 and a lot of elbow grease! We had a lot of fun hunting down bargains on the materials we used and doing the fixing up. And now we have a little side business of getting and fixing up boats for about a total of $700-800 each and selling them for around $2500 each. We use the profit to buy the next boat and what is left over goes to pay down another bill. And we have a lot of fun and get exercise. Now he even hunts for deals and stocks up Or he asks me to keep an eye out for certain things. Now he even makes his own fishing lures because it is cheaper.

Okay - enough! I have rattled on long enough. Especially for a first post! If anyone would like to exchange other ideas feel free to email me at [email protected]. I promise the emails won't be so long!

Thanks for listening! Erica
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