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In my opinion, you're doing a fantastic job of managing your resources and you're the head of the class in stocking! I applaud you!!

Don't let you family members or friends discourage you from what you are doing. Yes, you may join in occasionally with a laugh at your own expense but as long as you feel GOOD about what you are doing, then you are on the right track!!

When we lived in a much bigger house years ago, I had my dh build a very large and heavy duty shelving area the entire length of one short wall in the basement for my "extra" pantry. Over time, it was filled to capacity with stocking items all purchased on discount/clearance/on sale. It was wonderful to know it was down there for my own peace of mind, but even better, it was a gift from God when my best friend was fired on the spot from her top level management job with no severence package, and she had no food. And I mean NO food backlog. I dragged her downstairs and even though she protested about taking any, I made her do it. Jars of pasta sauce, coffee, boxes of pasta, tp, tomato sauce, soap, canned vegetables, shampoos, trash bags, you name it. We made up quite a few bags of "goodies" for her to take home, and I know that it helped make her transition a little easier.

I don't stockpile nearly as much as I used to because it is just the two of us now, but I personally enjoyed those days very much. And I delight in knowing others are still doing it!! You are being VERY wise because you never know when you will need it or have the opportunity to help someone else.

Way to go, gals!!!

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