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I don't put in as much time as you probibly think, and I don't go every weekend. Maybe 6 hrs. (2 Sat. a month. ) Apr.-Oct. Garage Sales in this area of MO start as early as 6:30-7:00 AM because I live in a rural area. So I get there with a cup of coffee within 1/2 hr. of the posted begining time. Anywhere between 6:45 and 7:45. I never show up before people open. I'm usually done by 1:30 PM. on a Sat. Sometimes I go with 3 of my kids, 8,14,17 sometimes I don't - it just depends.They do like to go though.

I do a couple of things to organize myself. I go thru a garage sale listing in a county newspaper Wed. eve. It lists on average
40-50. Depending on what I am looking for, I read the descriptions very carefully decide where the best prospects are and plan a route (usually to save gas so I don't have to double back)and hit maybe 6-8 best.
Out of 10-12 I've picked... Lets say my aunt wants a antique silk embroidered scarf . I would go to a garage or estate sale with this sort of listing - "The kids are gone we're weeding
out stuff from 30 yrs. of collecting it. Antiques including china,glassware,furniture,jewelry,clothing."

I wouldn't bother with a sale that lists clothing in baby or young childrens sizes or some one offering tiny tike furniture unless- they specifically listed 'antique clothing' because they aren't
likely to have the 'antique embroidered scarf' and I'm not buying for myself remember, but I'm buying a gift. this also curbs the impulse to buy something I don't really need.

Community or Subdivision sales with 4-20 families are also a good bet. You can cover lots of area with less time, and your feet aren't quite as worn out when you get home. Hope this helps!

I also do another 8 hrs. a month in the library researching antiques in one or two hr. blocks when I can. On subjects I'm interested in, just to educate myself. All together maybe 20 hrs.
a mo. research, planning & looking.

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