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To Bettdev and Ladym.

Great tips! Here is one more!

Frugal but Specially chosen Gift Giving -

I keep a list of what my family or friends are looking for for 6 months at a time in my purse. ( I know because I offer to look for them when I'm at flea markets and garage sales and they tell me what they haven't been able to find. I make sure to write down a good description).

Then when I find it I put it aside in my closet and mark it for the next gift giving occassion. Like for my mother, she really was looking for an older mirrored tray - large oval,gold tone to closely match one her mother had had on her vanity table. She had her mothers hairbrushes and handmirror to put out on a birdseye maple dresser in her bedroom but she wanted something very similar to her mother's for sentimental reasons. It took about 9 months to find a very close match. I spent under $5 for it.
I turned down 6 others and waited to find the best match, and it was worth it. You should have seen the look on her face when I gave it to her!

I only have two rules for this type of 'gift quest'.1. The piece has to be the closest match possible to the original description. It has to have no damage and it has to be 2. In very fine or near perfect condition if not perfect condition. This will take time - it can take 1/2 a year, to a year, or two or more. (It is great if you can get a photo to compare to, and anyway the person you are giving the gift to usually forgets that youre out hunting for it so it really is a big suprise when they do receive it. It is so much fun to give gifts this way.
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