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Hi, ladies!!! Hope everyone is having a great week!!

We shop at Aldi's every 2 wks~ it is in another town but every 2 wks we have to go to that town to make our car payment so we kill 2 birds with 1 stone lol I absolutely love Aldi's~ there are several things that I don't buy there b/c they either don't have it (like my instant Nestea....cheese slices ~we only eat Kraft lol) etc or I know I can get it cheaper at Family Dollar, Dollar General or Big Lots!! Plus since we're an hour from home, I don't buy milk or dairy products there but I do buy meat and especially frozen foods and transport them in a cooler. I usually buy gallons of milk at our local grocery store when it's on sale and then freeze it. But can't beat Aldi's prices on bread, fruit, veggies, canned goods or their frozen foods!!!! As for the prepackaged foods, I have found that I can pretty much duplicate any packaged food. Like Catlady mentioned that website, there are several that give recipes for different mixes, etc. I have started using alot of homemade mixes in place of prepackaged such as Bisquick, sloppy joe mix, meatloaf mix, onion soup mix, pancake mix, etc. I've found out that it's alot cheaper but my kids like my homemade better b/c I can control what's in it. Like my sloppy joes~my kids love them but the prepackaged mix or canned mix has green/red peppers and onions or chunks of tomato. Well my kids don't like that so I found a recipe to make my own and leave that stuff out. They love it!! I also have started making my own chicken nuggets using Aldi's boneless skinless chicken breasts, crushed corn flakes and different seasonings (taco, spaghetti, etc). They're better for them and they love em!

Ok kinda got long winded there but I'm really getting into this seriously cutting our food bill!!! Glad I found this message board!!

Have a good one all!!!

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