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when i was totally broke i used to put one half bag of frozen veggies in with my boiling noodles from mac and cheese and then the drain and mix up as usual ..i got the cheap mac and cheese 4 for 1.00 im sure many other things can be added while boiling the noodles and mix as cut up hot dogs. cheap cooked sausage.....even spam cubed if things are tough, varieties of this can be got att almost any dollar store....another was just plain buttered noodles..even well off people like that....and some veggies on the side as for rice just make some up and add a bit like half can diced tomatoes and some leftover meat and mix up ...been there before too..believe it or not i ltill like these,,, put beans in the crock pot and almost double the water a bit of seasoning and low over pre soaking or nothing and they taste like you slaved........god bless those who help others eat heres my prayer for food ... thank god for dirty dishes they have a tale to tell while others may go hungry were eating very well with home and health and happniess i shouldnt want to fuss for by this stack of evidence gods been good to us.....
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