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Here are two ideas I used to make when times were really tough and I had four teens to feed:
First one: I would buy a whole chicken when on sale and use it to make chicken soup. Would take out the cooked chicken to debone it. The breast and other larger pieces were put aside for use in another meal (chicken casserole with noodles, cream of something soup, spices) and the smaller pieces put back into the soup. My kids happened to like the smalll pasta in the soup (tubetinni or similar) and we always had more of the noodles or pasta than meat. I also put in a can of tomatoes to the broth and carrots. They loved the soup and the casserole was good as well. Always had bisquits or rolls with them.
Next recipe is broccoli & spaghetti...One head broccoli (sometimes I saved part of it for another meal) after it is cooked, add about 5-6 chicken bouillion cubes to water it was cooked in.In another pot boil water for spaghetti. I break it into the smallest pieces i can ahead of time and then cook it . After draining it, I use that pot to saute an onion and garlic. Scrape that into the other pot that has the water & broccoli, salt & pepper to taste. That should be pretty flavorful.Dump cooked spaghetti back into big pot, add the smaller one with broccoli & broth, can add a tblsp of margarine if you like.Mix & serve with grated cheese. Really cheap, makes a lot and this is one we still make.
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