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What a good idea, often it's hard to come up with new ideas on your own to use what you have, and not have it taste the same.

One of our favorite tide me over meals is pancakes. Today we had them with strawberries out of the garden. When I want them for a supper we add a drained can of corn.
Also we make omlets, and add what ever we have, a bit of grated cheese, or a few slivers of mushrooms, bits of diced ham.
Ususally, whatever we put on the omlet wouldn't be enough of anything left to do much with. If you have salsa, that makes a nice topping and adds a little boost of flavour.
Another thing we do is make a lot of home made soup. We boil up any bones we have and make a stock. Sometiimes chicken, or turkey, or beef. then we throw in vegetables ( the left overs from previous meal(s). If it's a beef soup, we usually add barley. If it's chicken or turkey we add rice or noodles with the vegies.

When I make things like meat loaf or meat balls I add some oatmeal, egg, salt and pepper, and onions( if I have them). That makes the meat go further and makes a nice meat loaf.

Hubbies favorite dish is what he calls "Gunge" Hamberger ( cooked in a frypan and broken up) added to Macaronie and cheese, with onions chopped, and stewed tomatoes then baked in the oven. Goes a long way.

Hope this is what you wanted , I don't know what your prices are like, but here in Northern B.C. potatoes are $7.99 #10. Flour is $8.99 #10 ( that was in the store today I usually wait for sales and buy my flour $4.99 #10 on sale.) $20 wouldn't go far on basics. Chicken on sale $.99/# , Hamberger $1.99/#.

Oh, how did we get all these wonderful blessings?
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