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chuckle meals

A few ways with hamberger:

Buy in bulk, cook up and divide for some of the following dishes - mix/match to suit individual tastes:

Slumgullion to us: Add chopped onions, can of tomatoes (paste, sauce, stewed, even fresh), season to taste. Add vegetables - mixed, peas, green beans, etc., Serve over rice, noodles or potatoes -

Make chili - with or without beans and add macaroni or other pasta to make chili mac. Season to taste or to spiciness.

Make a white cream sauce using flour or cornstarch. Add cooked hamburger or make mini meatballs and add after browning. Serve over rice, noodles or potatoes. By adding sour cream - a poor man's stroganoff (sp?) Can substitute by making a brown gravy instead of a white one and omit sour cream for Swedish meatballs.

Sloppy joes: brown hamberger, add onions, season to taste. Add ketchip, brown sugar, garlic powder, worchestershire sauce, lemon juice or a couple lemon slices, even vinegar, tabasco sauce, a little water. Simmer until thick. Serve over bread, rolls or again, rice, noodles or potatoes.

Just a few recipes and hope they help you out. Remember by just changing from one type of gravy to another you have different dishes and flavors - e.g., tomato sauce and seasonings and you have italian gravy or spaghetti sauce as most of us call it.

Have fun
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