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I notice a lot of people depend on prepacked foods...hey I do too, a little. But I am concerned about the nutritional value of using all this processed food. Yes the prices are good but could you do just as well making somethings from scratch and have control over the salt and and the quality.
The seasoning packages, they are great and I buy bulk where I shop in stead of these but there are a few I like. But there is a way to make up your own seasoning packages. There is even a wev site with tons of make your own mixes on it:
this site even has "bisquick" make your own and use the recipes for bisquick.

Not to mention cooking with foods that are in season. Right now look for the root veggies like sweet potatoes, winter squashes etc. Some people are literally giving away the last of the tomatoes before the first frost, make sauce, juice whatever and freeze it if you do not can.

Look for meats on sale or marked down, like a meat close to it's sell by date.

For asian foods go to an asian market of you can and buy the products you use from there like wasabi, cellophane noodles, wonton wrappers, egg roll wrappers etc. These are very cheap there, even the special cookware like steamers and shushi rollers are cheaper there.

I have even found recipes for your own hamburger helper...

Some of these can be made ahead, kept dry in tupperware or jars and they are ready when you are. Best is you can make them up when the items that you need are ON SALE!

Keep those minds open. I really enjoy reading this since I am always anxious to save money any way I can and feeding my DS and me always seems to be a challenge.
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