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Stacia--let me know how you like Cookmiser? I keep thinking about getting a copy, but can't talk myself into spending the $$$--I have quite a few cookbooks already lol!

My bread machine is working overtime today! I'm making bread, buns, and pizza dough. I made my pasta this a.m.--I will be making chicken noodle soup myself later on. Lynnclarke--good job on the soup!! I agree with Harriette--there really is no need to cook it all separately!! I just toss it all in a pot and let it simmer until the chicken is done(cooks quick if in pieces), adding the noodles at the end(I make hm noodles, and they cook in like 2 minutes). It's easy if you have the broth already--I use the same method Harriette does--why pay extra for canned when you can get it for free? (Providing you have a whole chicken carcass, of course. My mom doesn't eat chicken, so she never has one and uses canned).

Anyway--my point is--I save a ton by making my own breads. This may be an option for those of you that have the time to do it--I can make 3 dozen hamburger buns for less than $3 and they taste way better than the ones at the store!! I also make sub buns for dh's lunches--for 4 at the store it's $2.69. I make 12 for the same price!
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