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Lightbulb sav-a-lot grocery

hello to everyone.

if you have a sav-a-lot grocery in your area-you have to check it out.
i save most of my money shopping name brand with manufacturers coupons-doubled at bi-lo and kroger stores.

but- some things just cant be beat at sav-a-lot prices and the quality is usually really good on

1.spice seasoning envelopes-only 3 for $1.00 - for making spaghetti sauce,tacos,chili,meatloaf,country-beef-or chicken gravy.all are wonderful quality and not wimpy on taste-this is the only place i will by my seasoning envelopes-they are sooo good!!

2. canned veggies- only .29 cents each-corn,green beans,peas,etc. and again-usually great quality.

3. cooking needs- choc. chips .88cents,condensed milk .99cents,pudding mixes 3/$1.00-the vanilla is the best! graham pie crusts-under $1., vanilla extract $1.49 for 2 oz.
and so on.canned pie filling is .99 cents

4. canned fruit is really reasonable, usually .60 to .99 cents

5. also great price on frozen boneless chic. breast,frozen french fries,and sometimes good fresh meat sales.

6.canned tomato sauce is 3/99 cents and canned beans for chili hot beans and kidney and others are 3/$1.00.-the quality is excellent in these canned beans!!!

7. diced canned tomatoes-2/$1.00-again great quality!!
canned mushrooms- .50 cents

8. oh- and beechnut babyfood-4 jar packs-for only $1.19-the quality in beech nut is sooo good in consistency and taste-my son still likes to snack on an occasional jar and he is almost 4 years old!!
9. the plastic squeeze jar of honey is only $2.29 for a huge bottle.
the only thing i dont like at sav-a lot is some of the processed cheaper frozen meats, bread here is high $$,store brand cleaners-poor quality,and
AVOID the store brand cereals-yuck!
hope this helps out !!!
sincerely-sheila ann anderson
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